Poker is a well-known card game, which majority of people play both to gamble as well as a favorite pastime. Even though some of the people think that it is difficult to play poker in reality it is as simple as A, B, C as anyone can play the game. However, it takes time to become a specialist in poker. Here, we are going to answer how to play poker. Poker looking like it might be a little to tough for you? Take it easy with some slot machine games from and win big in style!

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When playing with other people around the table if one finds the behavior of the other player offensive, you can call on the manager or pit boss to sort out the matter. Also switching from one table to another or from one game to another cannot be done instantaneously. The player has to get up, pick up his own chips and actually move to the other game. Also the choices may be limited especially during peak hours when most of the tables are full with regular players and you may need to wait for your turn. If you want to avoid all this commotion and concentrate on nothing but the game, then online casinos are made just for you. Online casinos are convenient and easy to play. You can try the 90 Ball Bingo Chat Phrases - learn them all at Dotty, it's great and convenient.

Category: Poker Basics

To play poker online may seem something really new. But the game of poker has a fascinating history. Card games have accompanied the history of mankind for centuries. Since its origin it was related to the game of dominoes, and the goal was to trick the opponent, based on a deck where the cards took on different values. History records at the year 969 a. C., the first time a game similar to the card games that we know today was seated by the Chinese emperor Mutsung, who liked to play with his wife during special events.

The Egyptians also played then with cards during the XII and XIII a. C., and even earlier, and by sixteenth century ago a. BC, the Persians had developed a card game where you bet. This game, the direct ancestor of poker was called "As Nas", is played with a deck of 25 cards in the same way poker is played currently.

The word poker originates from the French word "poque" and the German game "Pocho", both based in the Spanish game "Primero", very popular between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. In 1526 was recorded the first document that contains the word "poker", based on a very similar game to the one we play today.

The French settlers brought the game to Canada originating is now know as poker Canada. By the eighteenth century poker was the French national game. The real boom of poker begins when a group of French-Canadian settler is installed in the New Orleans area in Louisiana, along the Mississippi River. This is where poker practice begins to take more force, spreading rapidly throughout the continent.

In 1834, Jonathan H. Greene writes a book where he talks about the pitfalls of a very particular game being played on board many ships on the Mississippi River. It was not uncommon for a rogue, that trying to cheat losing his life at the hands of other angry players.

The development of the state of Nevada, the boom in investment casinos like the Mafia, and the development of the city of Las Vegas confirmed the force had poker in the U.S. population, which plays regularly regardless of social stratum. Poker is the great equalizer that makes everyone, rich and poor, to expect with excitement the cards of your next hand.

Category: Poker Basics

If you are interested in the most popular casino game on the next, then you are interested in Poker. Online Poker is the most popular in the online casino games niche. The basic rules for playing online are quite simple and are as follows:
First, the players at the table start as the blind bets are laid by the Small and Big Blinds. The cards are then dealt to the players. The Dealer will move clockwise around the table dealing two face down cards to each player one at a time. Once the players are dealt their hand, the betting then begins.
Now, is the time for player to bet on what he feels his cards may be worth. If the player has a hand that is virtually useless, then they can choose to fold. If the player feels his cards may lead somewhere then he can raise. Or, the player can call.
Knowing when to fold is important and is determined by knowing the cards and their potential. With virtually useless hands a player should obviously fold, and for new players, this should be a rule. Keep track of the cards that have been played at the table which will also help you to determine your hands potential. Also check casino online website comparison guide.

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Players from all over the place will return for yet another shot at faith, and they may have a better chance this time around. The new and improved schedule of the biggest poker event of the year, the World Series of Poker from Las Vegas Nevada, has been released, with 58 (!) events on the deck, it seems the tournament is just keep getting bigger and more popular than ever before.

The big prizes are in the millions, and everybody has a shot at it. And while almost all the big stars of the poker world are obviously there, we have seen a stretch of young anonymous players taking the big pot in the last few years. Unlike online casino play, the series is the real deal. The 42nd annual event will be held between May 31 until July 19, 2011, and it is expected that a record players and crowd will attend the events from sin city. weather a pro or an amateur will take the grand prize remains to be seen.

Category: Poker Basics

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